Acer projector issues

Acer corporation is launched his projector whose name is Acer projector. Today projector is very helpful and useful for the presentation in the company and university, etc.But you have to face any problem that is related to the Acer projector so you can contact to the Acer tech support team.

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Acer projector is the very best product of the Acer. Today many institutes and IT companies use the Acer projector because people believe the Acer Corporation. Acer projector has many extra features like image resolution is very clean and can set the image according to you. If you do not know that How to start this feature in the project? So, you can call the Acer Support team and you take the guidance of the feature.

What an unfortunate series of events!Cannot imagine how a crossed wire in a plug would cause a surge to fry the projector?
It may be that the HDMI has “locked up”. Disconnects all connections and removes mains feed. Leave projector disconnected for at least an hour. Connect mains feed ONLY and power up. Connect HDMI cable whilst projector is on, then power up the source.
If that doesn’t work, I would suggest you need to send it to a projector – HDMI related stuff will be surface mounted components and will require special soldering tools/skills/knowledge that the average person would probably not possess (forgive me if you are not the average person).

You were using Acer projector and then there was a loud pop and your picture disappeared.

It is highly likely that your lamp has blown in your projector. This can be caused by a number of reasons, the most common is that the glass part of the lamp was slightly weak in an area and has not been able to withstand the heat or pressure from the projector when being used. You need to be very careful when removing the lamp, ideally, place it on a large piece of paper and make sure the paper catches everything when you remove the lamp. Alternatively, take the lamp into a projector service technician and have them remove the lamp, if the lamp is fairly new and still under warranty or even just out of warranty it would be best to take the projector into where you purchased the lamp from and have them remove the lamp. 

If you have any problem that is related to the Acer projector so you can freely contact the Acer Tech Support. Acer tech support team is available 24*7 hours in a week.

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