Hp support team provides the best solution of the Hp battery. If any customer has to face any problem that is related of the HP Battery then the customer can do the contact of the Hp support team. Hp support team always prepare for giving the solution to the customer’s problem.

Today many products launched by the Hp. And every product works with the battery like Laptop, notepad, and system. If in every product use the battery so a customer has to face battery problems. Hp support team talked to the customer why is not working your battery and provides the best solution to the customer .Hp support team always prepare for the help of the customer.

Here we discussed the Battery problem and solution:-

  • Battery charging problems:-

 Possible problems: 
1. the battery not seated correctly. Try reconnecting it.
2. The battery contacts got dirty or oxidized and it’s not making the good connection with the motherboard.  The customer can apply some electronic contact cleaner on the contacts.
3.If Customer once again tries for connecting the battery the battery doesn’t help, most likely it’s bad and has to be replaced.
4. If the user wants to replace the battery but the problem still exists, this is a motherboard related failure. A user can say in the cleared words that the charging circuit on the motherboard failed. In this case, your whole motherboard has to be replaced (or repaired on the component level).


  • A customer wants to decide to unplug my laptop and go downstairs to relax on the sofa in the living room.  Neutralize, user, want to one plug close to the sofa was in need of repair and the other outlet was too far away to plug my laptop into. I instead decided to just run the computer off the battery for a while.
  • The first thing user did was panic, which in hindsight wasn’t the wisest thing to do. Panicking while the battery is still discharging will only lead to more problems and unclear thinking. After a few moments, I stopped to think while shutting down my laptop.
  • https://hpsupportnumber.net/fix-battery-problems/